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RADICORE V2.17.0 released [message #7528] Mon, 09 November 2020 10:06
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This version contains some enhancements, including the way in which tables are locked during a database transaction, and a few bug fixes.

Database changes:
- none

Other changes:

  • AUDIT subsystem: updated the search screen to allow filtering by tran_seq_no.
  • DICT subsystem: fixed bug in dict_column_s01.class.inc where the _cm_getInitialDataMultiple() method returned $insert_array instead of $rows.
  • MENU subsystem: fixed bug in mnu_user.class.inc which had an extraneous ')' in an SQL query.
  • MENU subsystem: fixed bug in mnu_subsystem_s01.class.class.inc so that it does not execute the _cm_commonValidation() and _cm_validateUpdate() methods in the parent class.
  • MENU subsystem: fixed bug in mnu_task_s02.class.class.inc so that it does not execute the the _cm_commonValidation(), _cm_post_updateRecord() and _cm_validateUpdate() methods in the parent class.
  • WORKFLOW subsystem: fixed bug in wf_workitem.class.inc where it referred to 'mnu_task.task_desc' instead of 'mnu_task.task_name'.
  • MYSQL driver: fixed bug in buildKeyString() so that if any component in a primary key is null then the entire key is treated as null.
  • MYSQL driver: fixed bug in getCount() so that it will allow any number of whitespace characters between the leading '(' and the word 'SELECT'.
  • MYSQL driver: fixed bug in getData() so that it builds the correct query when there is a WHERE and/or HAVING string.
  • MYSQL driver: fixed bug in updateRecord() where it reported the wrong WHERE string following an error with a candidate key.
  • MYSQL driver: fixed bug in updateRecord() where it failed to abort if there was an error with the UPDATE query.
  • MYSQL driver: for MySQL version 8.0.17 and above it will allow the use of column constraints instead of the deprecated 'unsigned' attribute.
  • std.ADD2.inc: avoid generating message "N records were inserted into XXXX" is $this->no_display_count is set to TRUE;
  • std.ADD2.inc: include call to $dbobject->setFinalAction() at end of processing of GET request.
  • std.ADD2.inc: include call to $dbobject->runImmediateTask() prior to generation of HTML output.
  • std.ADD7.inc: add code to regenerate $inner_where when processing the 'SubmitStay' button.
  • std.ADD7.inc: add call to $dbouter->getFieldArray() after processing popup for $dbinner in case its data has changed.
  • std.MULTI4.inc: fix bug to deal correctly with setting of $dbobject->use_scrollarray.
  • std.MULTI4.inc: keep $inner_where separate from $outer_where.
  • std.MULTI4.inc: include calls to $dbouter->getFieldArray() and $dbinner->getFieldArray() after processing a popup form in case any data has been chganged.
  • std.OUTPUT2.inc: add call to ob_flush() at end of script.
  • std.OUTPUT3.inc: add call to ob_flush() before returning to previous screen.
  • std.OUTPUT5.inc: add call to ob_flush() at end of script.
  • std.SEARCH1.inc: if a field is empty but has both $fieldspec['optionlist'] and $fieldspec['initial_value'] set then load that initial value.
  • std.CSV.class.inc: fix bug which caused $dbobject->formatData to be called twice on the first row.
  • std.DATEVALIDATION.class.inc: remove redundant 'return false;' lines after throwing an error.
  • std.PDF.class.inc: fixed bug which prevented a barcode or image from appearing in a line without other cells.
  • std.SINGLETON.php5.inc: added code to throw an error if the requested file does not exist.
  • std.VALIDATION.class.inc: added code to deal with a decimal number with precision = 38 and scale = 0.
  • include.XML.php5.inc: amended addData2XMLdoc() so that if $dbobject does not contain a value for $this->zone then the default value of 'main' is used instead.
  • include.XML.php5.inc: amended addData2XMLdoc() so that when $fieldspec is refreshed then so is the screen structure in $this->structure. This will allow the screen structure to be amended in the _cm_formatData() method.
  • include.XML.php5.inc: amended addData2XMLdoc() so that when a button for anther task is created it is in the format 'task#{$zone}#{$task_id}'. If it is in a zone which contains multiple rows then '[offset={rownumber}]' will be appended.
  • include.XML.php5.inc: amended addData2XMLdoc() so that when loading the contents for a checkbox with an optionlist which contains '_no_undef' then it is displayed as a checkbox instead of a dropdown list with an additional 'undefined' option.
  • include.XML.php5.inc: amended buildXML() to use $this->javascript instead of $javascript so as not to lose any entries.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended append2ScriptSequence() to force $next to be the first in the queue if $next['immediate'] is set.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended array2string() to add an option 2nd argument called $separator with a default value of '&'.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended array2where() so that $dbobject->getFieldSpec() is not called if that method does not exist.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended check_task_button() to include "[offset={$offset}]" in the output value if $osset is not zero.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended extractSelectList() to deal with more combinations in the input string.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended several functions to replace code with a call to splitWhereByRow().
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended findClosingParenthesis() to simplify the code using a better regular expression.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended qualifyField() to deal with an entry in the SELECT list which is in the format 'func(field)'.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended removeDuplicateFromSelect() to deal with a select string containing 'tablename.*'.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended selection2PKeyOnly() to deal correctly with an entry which is not in $fieldlist.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended selection2where() to verify that the selected rows have an entry in $pkeyarray.
  • include.LIBRARY.inc: amended where2indexedArray() to fix bugs in some regular expressions.
  • include.SESSION.inc: amended childForm() to extract 'offset' if it is available in the input string. This deals with a button which is pressed in a zone containing multiple rows.
  • include.SESSION.inc: amended childForm() so that calls to $dbobject->getWhere() include the $offset value.
  • include.SESSION.inc: amended childForm() so that calls to $dbobject->getSearch() include $task_array.
  • include.SESSION.inc: amended scriptNext() so that when processing an entry from $_SESSION['script_sequence'] which contains the option 'no_messages' the contents of $this->messages are not forwarded to the next script.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: added $save_initial_where variable so that if a WHERE string for an INNER entity is validated and modified in the _cm_initialise() method then this value will override the one constructed from its parent entity.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended commit() so that if $this->fieldarray is empty but $this->parent_data is not then it will call _examineWorkflow() on the parent object.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: added convertSearchExpression() and _cm_convertSearchExpression() will is called in the initialise() method in order to allow the contents of $search to be modified.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended _cm_customButton() to include a 3rd argument to identify the row number for use in a zone which contains multiple rows.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended various method calls so that if they return FALSE it will be converted into an empty array.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended getData() method to replace contents of $where argument with $this->save_initial_where if it is not empty.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended getExtraData() method to remove the check of $this->no_foreign_data before calling getForeignData().
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended getForeignData() method so that after calling _cm_getForeigndata() it will skip further processing if either $this->no_foreign_data or $fieldarray['rdc_no_foreign_data'] is set.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: added _cm_adjustColumnNames() method to allow list of field names in the primary key to be adjusted.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended getPkeyArray() to call _cm_adjustColumnNames() after _cm_getPkeyNames().
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: added getSearch() and _cm_getSearch() methods to allow the $this->sql_search string to be adjusted before it is passed to the next script.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended getWhere() to include a 2nd argument called $offset so that when $this->fieldarray contains multiple rows the $where string is constructed from the current/selected row instead of the first row.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended initialise() method so that when called in a search screen it will pass any search criteria through the convertSearchExpression() method before the screen is displayed.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended insertRecord() method so that _cm_post_insertRecord() method is called even if $this->errors is not empty.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended popupCall() so that if contents of $popupname argument is changed it will update the relevant $this->fieldspec entry to record the name change.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended popupReturn() so that when searching through $this->parent_relations to see if there are any differences between the column names used in the parent table and those used in this child table. By default it will stop at the first entry which contains the reurned column names, but if there are multiple entries the correct table name can be identified by setting $fieldarray['rdc_table_id'] = 'whatever' in the _cm_popupReturn() method.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: added runImmediateTask() method.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: added setFinalAction() and _cm_setFinalAction() methods.
  • std.TABLE.class.inc: amended updateRecord() method so that _cm_post_updateRecord() is called even if $this->errors is not empty.

[Updated on: Mon, 09 November 2020 10:09]

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